Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FYI: Press Releases

Zappos - Limited Edition Rain Boot:

As you probably know, your readers can purchase their fashion finds on Zappos anywhere in the United States, and most recently, they can also purchase from Zappos Canada!  In addition, Olympic and World Champion gold medalist and former Canadian Women’s hockey captain, Cassie Cambell-Pascall has teamed up with Rockport and Zappos for the launch of a limited edition rain boot!

Rockport will launch the limited edition women’s Lorraine rain boot at retail in Canada. It will be available online in both the United States and Canada on  The stylish white rain boot has a fashionable platform wedge that offers the perfect amount of height, and sports the widely-known, red Canadian Maple leaf on the front.  The rain boot, out just in time for spring’s rainy weather, is waterproof and has adidas adiPrene technology – meaning the boot has shock-absorption and cushioning in the sole for added comfort.  There will only be 2,000 pairs produced, 1,500 of which will be numbered

The Lorrain rain boot is now available at Zappos for only $120!  This limited edition Rockport rain boot is exclusive to Zappos

You can purchase the boot online at Zappos today and wear them for the remaining winter months in the snow and through the spring rain.  Let the Olympic Games continue!


Camp Shane - For Kids : Below are 5 tips for time-crunched parents to cook healthy at home. The tips are offered by Ziporah Janowski, co-owner of the Camp Shane weight loss camp for children and young adults.

“When they first come to us, eating out has become a habit for many of our campers,” says Ziporah, also a mother of two teenagers. “We try to educate them that cooking at home doesn’t have to be an onerous task. In addition to saving money, preparing meals at home can be a simple route to weight loss and to building a healthy lifestyle for the whole family.”

Ziporah has also released her favorite recipes for quick & healthy dinners, such as “1-2-3 Simple Pea Soup” and “Rush Hour Rainbow Primavera,” here:

  • Make frozen veggies your friend. Stock up on frozen veggies like spinach, peas and broccoli florets to add to main dishes or serve as sides by themselves. In addition to lasting longer, research shows that today’s “flash frozen” vegetables can be just as healthful as their fresh counterparts.
  • Choose longer-lasting lettuce. Sure, the triple-washed bagged lettuce is easy, but it costs a fortune and it doesn’t last very long. Try seeking out lesser known types of fresh greens that last longer than the traditional green leafy lettuces. Examples of nutrient-rich lettuce types that last a long time--and are very inexpensive--include things like chicory, romaine, radicchio, kale and dandelion greens.
  • Get Technical. Subscribe to an e-newsletter that will email you healthy and quick recipes each week. There are thousands of them that you can sign up for on sites like and
  • Leave the skins on. Not only will it save you tons of time from peeling, if you leave the skins on vegetables such as potatoes and carrots when you are cooking, it helps them to retain more of their nutrient value and fiber and keep you full longer.
  • Make it a family affair. One of the best ways to prevent childhood obesity is getting kids into the kitchen. Encourage your kids to ask questions and help out while you are preparing the meal.

About Camp Shane:
First established in 1968, Camp Shane is the longest running weight-loss camp in the world. With over 40 years of experience in helping overweight children establish healthy diets and active lifestyles, Camp Shane provides a friendly, supportive and non-threatening environment. Much more effective than traditional “fat camps” or “boot camps,” Camp Shane campers have an extremely high success rate when it comes to keeping weight off for the long-term. The program currently treats coed children ages 7–17 and young women ages 18–25 at its locations in New York and Arizona. And there is a program for coed young adults and adults in New York: For more information, visit, visit us on Twitter @campshane or call 914-271-4141.

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