Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Night at the Museum - Battle at the Smithsonian

Night at the Museum is one of my four year old son Tyler's favorite movies. We have seen it dozens of times. He loves Jed, the cowboy and "Rexie" the T-Rex. The basic premises of the movie is that once the sun sets, all of the museum exhibits come to life from the special powers of The Tablet of Akmenrah.

When we saw the first trailer to Night at the Museum - Battle of the Smithsonian, Tyler was excited and asked to go see it on the big screen. We did and he was not disappointed. In my opinion, the first one was better, but that is usually the case, in my experience.

In this sequel, the exhibits at the Museum of Natural History are being transported to the archives at the Smithsonian in Washington DC with the exception of two staples, Teddy Roosevelt and T-Rex. This meant that their on-screen time was limited, which was a big disappointment to me. In the transport, the mischievous capuchin monkey named Dexter swipes the tablet of Akmenrah on his way out meaning that all of the exhibits in the Smithsonian come to life. This is where the evil Pharaoh Kahmunrah is being exhibited. This is the brother of Akmenrah. He wants the tablet to himself to raise an army from the underworld so that he can rule the world.

It is up to Larry to find his friends in the archives at the Smithsonian and get the tablet from Kahmunrah in order to save not only his friends in the museum, but also the world! Several new characters are introduced in this movie, including Amelia Earhart, played by Amy Adams who also enchanted us in Enchanted, Ivan The Terrible, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Al Capone.

This movie will surely fly off the shelves for Christmas. Buying a copy of this movie will give you a chance to enter the Golden Ticket Activation Instant Win Sweepstakes. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has partnered with Delta Vacations and the Smithsonian Museum to offer the “Golden Ticket” Activation Instant Win Sweepstakes. Both the Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Blu-ray Discs and DVDs will feature a sticker on the packaging promoting the chance to instantly win the ultimate Smithsonian Experience, which includes travel and accommodations to Washington DC and a once-in-a-lifetime, behind-the-scenes, all-access private tour of the Smithsonian Museum for a family of four. This would surely make someone on your shopping list VERY happy!

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