Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Now Available on Disney DVD

We are a big fan of the faries in our house.  Shelby's last birthday party was Tinker Bell themed!  When we heard that Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure was coming to DVD Tuesday, October 27 we knew that we would be getting this one!  This DVD did not disappoint.  There are new characters introduced in this film.  One of the great things about this movie and most Disney movies is that they all tell a great story with a wonderful underlying message!    This story tells a beautiful message of friendship and love. Before the fairies can bring autumn to the mainland, they must restore the moonstone. This year, The Tinkers' get to make autumn happen and restore the Pixie Dust Tree. Tinker Bell is is the lucky one to replace the scepter. Terence is a bit annoying and noisy and a little too helpful. The precious moonstone gets broken and she goes on a quest with Terence ( voiced by Jesse McCartney) and her new friend Blaze to find the magic mirror which grants you three wishes.  Bonus Features include: Fairy Bloopers: Fairies Make Mistakes Too, Magical Guide to Pixie Hollow: Explore the magical Guide Ths Time in the Autumn Area of Pixie Hollow, Pixie Preview: Exclusive Animated Vignette featuring Tink and her friends, Deleted scenes with filmmaker intros, Pixie Hollow comes to Florida: Discover how the filmmakers help transform Epcot Center into Pixie HollowThis one should be at the top of your to buy list.  If you need more information on where to buy, you can always click over to the Disney site.  The box art will take you there.  For more information on other Disney releases including upcoming releases click here.
* I received a review copy of this DVD in exchange for my opinion of the movie. No other form of compensation has been received and the opinions stated above are my own. To read my full disclosure policy, please click here.

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