Saturday, October 03, 2009

Just in Time for Halloween

Every morning as I am getting myself and my three children (ages 7, 4, & 1) ready for daycare, preschool, and elementary school it's a mad rush. For a while, Shaun the Sheep has been a sort of mini-alarm for my children. When Shaun the Sheep starts then we know it's time to get our shoes on and get ready to head out the door. Since these shows are mini-episodes of sorts, we have time to watch it as we're putting on shoes, gathering lunches, backpacks, diaper bags, etc as we prepare for our departure. I must admit that I love the catchy theme song and catch myself whistling it as I am driving down the road. Since there is never any dialogue on this show, the theme song is the only voice you'll hear. Otherwise, only funny sound effects. My children adore this show and my favorite character is the lamb, "Timmy" that sucks the paci. I am glad to see this show come to DVD because we can take it with us when we leave! There are 6 episodes on the DVD, Shaun the Sheep: Little Shop of Horrors as well as Bonus Features that include some fun games.

Just in time for Halloween, Lionsgate & Hit Entertainment have combined your favorite characters to this DVD, Hit Favorites: Trick or Treat Tales. Thomas and Spud dawn some scary faces to protect the giant pumpkin pie from being eaten by crows. Barney and Fifi learn the true value of a costume. Angela the Ballerina sneaks into a costume ball. Fireman Sam rescues a furry friend. The run time on this DVD is 58 minutes. That was enough time for me to get some laundry done and the floors swept and mopped in the kitchen and dining room. This DVD kept the children's attention which is more than I can say for myself most of the time!

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