Monday, October 12, 2009

For The Mom Who Has Everything

Hubby had to make a trip into town the other night after dinner. The kids rode with him. When they returned home, they ran through the door very excitedly announcing that they had picked flowers for me. Unfortunately I didn't have a vase large enough to house these beauties so I took a picture so that they could be forever remembered here. I love my babies and I am proud that they think about me even when they are not with me. It's so hard to believe that Shelby is about to be 7 and Tyler is 4, not to mention the fact that Emily who it seems was only born yesterday just turned 1! Don't blink because if you do they will be grown and I will wonder where these innocent moments in time have all wandered to. While I'm searching for christmas cards, it's come and gone and it's already a new year. Time sure does fly when you're having fun doesn't it?!

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Cheerio said...

You bet! Time really does fly. How sweet of your kids. They are lovely flowers. You're one lucky mom.