Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fire Safety Week Means Field Trip

Shelby was lucky enough to get to visit the local fire station with her fellow 1st graders on Thursday. It is always a neat experience for the kids. They get to see the fire trucks, including all of the gear inside and meet firemen who dress out in their gear in front of the kids so that the children can understand that underneath all of that equipment is the nice firemen that they met at the station. More often than not children will hidefire safety in our home in closets or under beds because they are scared of the firemen who are hidden under oxygen masks and fire proof equipment. The children also get to spray the fire hoses, tour the fire hose, and most importantly visit the "smoke house". This specially designed house is two stories. It fills with smoke and when the smoke alarm goes off, the children practice climbing out a window and down a flight of stairs, simulating an escape from an apartment followed by crawling down a long hallway simulating an escape from inside a house. We have talked to our children about fire safety in our home. We have devised an escape route for the children and discussed where we will meet up should a fire occur in our home. I strongly urge you to do the same thing with your children. If you don't have children, or they are grown talk it over with your significant other and make sure that you both know where you would meet should a fire break out in your home. Whether you are an orange nj dentist or White County country folk like us, be sure to check the smoke alarms in your house and plan an escape route. It just might save a life!

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Lori said...

Tisha, Shelby's hair is so cute. Kaitlyn brought home a checklist the other day about fire safety and the battery in out smoke detector was not working. I felt horrible. We have a carbon monoxide detector and it started beeping the other day when the battery started getting low, so I knew to change it. Can't believe they are in the 1st grade!!!