Monday, October 26, 2009

Carving up some fun!

It was a beautiful day on Sunday! The weather was perfect for carving some pumpkins. Since I had an extra hand with my best friend Becca who will fly back to Baltimore tomorrow I decided to take advantage! We had two large pumpkins that we were going to carve up and three small ones that the kids could put the tattoo faces and use the plastic Mr Potato head like parts that we bought last year. Brien and Tyler teamed up and chose a skull head type stencil. Becca helped Shelby make a pumpkin with a kitty cat face.

The kids had a wonderful time.  Oscar, the weiner dog looked on hoping for a treat.  It seemed as though he thought that the pumpkin was some type of pet supplements because he kept his distance. I took the opportunity to snap some photos to capture those memories in time! Thanks to Becca for also getting some shots of me with the children.  Here are a few of the photos of the pumpkin carving fun.  You can find more on my Facebook page located here.

Shelby emptying out her pumpkin so Becca could carve.

Tyler and Brien emptying out their pumpkin.

Emily snatched a sharpie while no one was looking!

Tyler's finished tattooed pumpkin.

Emily's finished tattooed pumpkin.

Shelby making the same face as her pumpkin.

Shelby and Becca's finished black cat pumpkin.

Tyler and Brien's skull head with a spiderweb brain.

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Anonymous said...

Those turned out awesome!!

Candice said...

Great photos and great pumpkins! Very cute..or scary!
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Linda said...

What a great post, it looks like everyone had a fantastic time with their pumpkins!

I just can't get over how grown up Shelby is looking with that hairstyle. Wow!

Mags said...

Holy cow-those pumpkins are amazing!! I've never met anyone in real life who can carve like that. :)