Thursday, October 01, 2009

Bob The Builder - With Collectibles

Bob The Builder - Built for fun is packed with a Bonus collectible vehicle. This alone was reason enough for Tyler to want this DVD. Bob The Builder is fun and educational. My four year old son has quickly become a fan of this show. This DVD contains five fun-tastic episodes. Join Bob and friends as they build a radio station complete with a sky-high broadcast tower, play skidsies with Roley and Muck, design greenhouses out of recycled material and much, much more. As if the five episodes weren't enough, this DVD is packed with bonus features as well. Build with Bob, The Game and Building Buddies, Read-Along will definitely grab your child's attention and keep it. You can feel good about it because your children will enjoy watching it and you know they are getting quality entertainment while learning valuable lessons! It is available now from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment.

As if one DVD with a collectible vehicle isn't enough, how about two?! These are magnificent toys for your children. My four year old son loves them. Me, well at 2AM after a trip to the restroom and this thing is laying in the middle of the floor and seems to always be in my bath as I stumble in the dark...well, not so much! Thank goodness the DVD is worth the pain! Bob the Builder - Truck Teamwork is an awesome video with a message that every child (and some adults) should learn...teamwork! This DVD contains five episodes of the awesome adventures of Bob & Crew with bonus features including a fun game, a read along, and a bonus episode of Roary the Racing Car. It is available now through Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. So go out today and grab your copy of each of these great DVDs, sit back, relax and let the fun and learning begin!

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