Monday, September 07, 2009

Birthdays, Needles, and Milestones, Oh My!!

This has been a week full of birthdays and milestones in the CrAzY Working Mom household. Emily celebrated her first birthday on Wednesday. She visited her pediatrician on Friday for her one year check up which, unfortunately included a round of immunization shots. She was stuck four times. She was a trooper, though and handled them very well. On the same day that she got her shots, I decided that we might as well get rid of the bottle and paci all at once. I am definitely a glutton for punishment, or a horrible mother...maybe both!

I do have good reason for these decisions, however. Emily will begin daycare tomorrow so I thought that it would be easier to break her from the bottle and paci before starting. This way she can get settled into a routine there without having to change it in a few weeks to go through this. I am trying to make things a bit easier for all involved.

She has done very well with the bottle, which I thought she would. She's been drinking from a sippy cup for a while now. She's drinking juice very well. She doesn't really care much for milk, so I am not pushing it too hard. We'll just have to compensate for the lack of it in her diet. The pacifier, however has been a bit more difficult. Thanks to the folks at Babybazzle, we had a clip to keep her paci handy at all times. It was not only great for me because I wasn't on my hands and knees searching for that paci all of the time, but she also became accustomed to having it right at her fingertips whenever she wanted it. The first night she did well without it, but the second night was not as easy. I have began to question my decision a bit, but what's done is done and hopefully in the end it will be better for everyone.

Saturday we celebrated Emily's 1st birthday with friends and family at McDonald's playland. The kids had a great time and Emily got lots of great gifts, including a real metal drum set from her Aunt, my sister in law. I am sure she realizes that Christmas is just right around the corner and she does have two boys, so it will be time for some sweet payback! Saturday was also my mother's 50th birthday. Since we were celebrating Emily's 1st birthday on her 50th, we celebrated her 50th on Sunday. Did you get that?! *snicker*

Today is my sister, Mandy's 30th birthday. Don't tell anyone I told you that she's 30, though. Of course she thinks that she's an old woman now. *LOL* She's having a hard time dealing with the "number" this year. I hope you have a very Happy Birthday, sister. I LOVE you to the top of the moon and back. I hope your day is grand and I hope you will always know how much you mean to me and how much my kids (and I) love you!!!

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Bubba's Sis said...

What an eventful - and FUN - week!! Happy Birthday to EVERYONE!

Amazing Gracie said...

Holy cow, girl! You are very brave!!! I guess it's like a band-aid - off quick and the hurt goes away faster. Hope she does okay tomorrow. Heck, I know she will!

Shutterbug8162 said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! Hope the transition goes well.

Mom2Fil-AmBB said...

Happy Birthday...