Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sort n' Learn Pelican Toy Testing

Picking toys is not easy and there is a toy website called ebeanstalk, dedicated to selecting good, safe baby toys. BUT they need help from moms like me to help pick the toys. My family was chosen as a toy tester for a toy called Sort n' Learn Pelican from Tiny Love, who makes great developmental toys. My little Emily who will be one on the 2nd of September was the lucky toy tester selected from my family. This is quite a unique toy. It has three different language modes. It also has three different skill modes. Your child can learn shapes, colors, and listen to fun sounds as they practice important, fundamental skills. It's very colorful, and eye-catching. My little one was immediately attracted to it. The only downfall I found to the toy was the the top (beak) seemed to detach rather easily. She pulled it open very quickly and it came off. I am most certain that this was done to prevent it from being pulled open and broken as it does easily re-attach. Emily did enjoy this toy and so did her 4 year old brother who tried to explain the shapes and colors to her as she played. I would definitely purchase this toy for my child. I can say with confidence that this toy has been kid tested and CrAzY Working Mom approved! Thanks, Tiny Love for a great product and thanks ebeanstalk for the opportunity to test this awesome toy.

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