Tuesday, July 07, 2009

12 Rounds & Betrayed

Now available on DVD from MGM Home Entertainment: The Betrayed, starring Melissa George, Christian Campbell, Oded Fehr. If you've not seen this one, you're missing out! This is a great suspense thriller. Any mother will sit on the edge of her seat while watching this one. The decisions that Jamie Taylor has to make in this movie are gripping and will make you wonder yourself if what you would do if you were held captive and told you were to kill your husband in order to sacrifice your son's life. That is just what happens to her and as the events of this movie unfold, you will move closer and closer to the edge of your seat. Believe me, you'll be glad you watched this one!!

Also available from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment: 12 Rounds starring WWE Superstar Jon Cena as a New Orleans police officer. When Cena's character, Fisher stumbles upon a million dollar heist gone bad, he takes down a notorious Irish arms dealer. In the process, the bad guy's girlfriend gets killed. He vows revenge against the cop. When he is released from prison, 12 rounds of hell begin for Fisher who's wife is kidnapped by the notorious criminal. Fisher is put through a series of mental and physical challenges in order to proceed to the next round. If he makes it through all 12 rounds safely, he will be reunited with his kidnapped sweet heart. This is a good action movie. Jon Cena is great eye candy if nothing else. Unfortunately, it was a bit predictable to me, but there were some great action scenes including an exploding house. The DVD includes, the making of featurettes, deleted scenes, and the ever popular gag reel. Grab it today, from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment! All in all it's an entertaining event.

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