Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sweet Niblets!

This phrase is heard quite often around our house. This is the signature phrase made popular by America's Teen Pop sensation, Miley Cirus A/K/A "Hannah Montana". If you've not heard of this girl then you need to climb out from underneath the rock in which you've been residing, dust yourself off and turn on your television, pick up a magazine, or listen to the radio. I assure you it won't take more than five minutes for a mention of her name. This girl is everywhere. I know her daddy, Billy Ray must be so proud as he's moving the decimal point to the left on her earnings. Let's face it, his achy breaky heart blew up a long time ago! Thank God time did erase that mullet.

If you know a little girl who loves Hannah Montana as much as we do around our house, I've got great news for you. The complete first season is now available on Disney DVD. There were no surprises for me because I've seen every single episode, more than once. But, the great news is that there are some awesome bonus features such as a visit to Miley's hometown in Nashville, TN as well as select episodes presented with pop up trivia and interviews with the cast. Now this made those re-run episodes very interesting.

If you're still milling around for something to buy that tween girl on your shopping list, look no further. Here's the perfect solution! For more information on this and other Disney releases, click on over to the Disney website.

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David said...

Mine just came in today!!! I can't wait to watch it! :)

Just kidding, but I am sure I have seen or heard all of them. My daughters used to watch that daily.