Monday, December 01, 2008

Movie Reviews & Christmas Gifts

I have done a bit of Christmas shopping. I bought a couple of gifts week before last because I was afraid that the item that I bought might be a hot gift item this holiday season, so I snagged them up when I saw the shelf stocked. I got Tyler and Shelby both one of those Fisher Price "kid proof" portable DVD players.

We have the ones that mount on the back of the headrest for them to watch, but Tyler gets mad when he has to watch Shelby's favorite movies over and over. If I let him put in and take out his own, he will pull the front off of his DVD player. He almost has a few times.

Last year the kids got the portable digital cameras and they love them. They really are kid proof and my son has put his through the ringer, but it still takes pictures just like it did the day that we bought it. I am hoping that this DVD player will be the same. It has kid friendly buttons, and looks like it'll be easily carried by small hands. I can assure you that my son will put its durability to the test. So, look for more updates after Christmas.

I know that Shelby will love hers because she's got some new DVD Games that she loves to play. She has really enjoyed these games and I must admit that they are pretty neat. Shelby has the Hannah Montana game as well as the High School Musical game. These are two of her favorite Disney programs. We watch Hannah Montana at least twice a day most days. These DVD games are a wonderful idea for those of us who haven't invested a lot of money in those expensive game systems just yet. Shelby is still just a bit too young for one of those, so I found that these DVD games have given her hours of entertainment without breaking the bank. The Hannah Montana DVD game has a pop star audition, band audition drum game, a dance off, as well as a party play option that is perfect for sleep overs! My personal favorite is the drum game. Shelby prefers that dance off. The High School Musical is my favorite of the two. I ♥ HSM. I love the sing along section of this DVD game. I know most of the songs from the movies because Shelby loves them so much. Yes, of course it's because she loves them. *wink* There is also a memory yearbook game, art class, B/F/F quiz and much more. If you've got a young girl on your Christmas shopping list, I would highly recommend either of these games. For more information on these or other Disney releases, click on over to the Disney website.

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Sandla said...

ya these are great ideas of Christmas gifts

Akelamalu said...

I have finished all my Christmas shopping now. We give the grandchildren money and just buy them a token gift.