Saturday, November 01, 2008

Saturday Photo Hunt - Blue

My 75th

This Week's Theme: Family

I filled up yesterday and was so excited to see the gas prices when I did so. I had to take a picture for proof. See the beautiful blue sky in the background. I was NOT blue when I left because I have not filled up my truck for less than $50 in a long time!!!
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13 comments, add yours here:

Anonymous said...

I think gas there is cheaper than it is down here!!Oooooooh and I so want a Quiznos sub now too.

Amazing Gracie said...

Wow! I live in a place where we pump the oil out of the ground but they haul it to L.A., only to return it as gasoline...The cheapest I've seen gas here is $2.47. Did you ever think we'd be happy to see $2.00 gas? Yikes! And just wait until next summer. I bet you anything it will go up again!

Patois said...

I hate you! Here in Northern California -- land of the most expensive gas in the continental US -- we've just now -- NOW! -- broken the $3.00 mark.

Patsy said...

Somewhere in Houston gas actually was at $1.99. It made the news. Here in my town just a few miles for Houston we have gas a5 $2.15. I can't believe that is the *cheap* gas. I remember when gas was just $.50 per gallon, but then that makes me quite old doesn't it. Hummmm---
Great shot of a blue sky with good news to boot.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, it's been a while. I'm glad you're still blogging! Have a great weekend!

Linda said...

Gee, and I thought that we were doing well with $2.39 a gallon up here!

storyteller said...

Wow ... I was happy to pay 2.49/gallon here in Southern California at Costco Thursday because around my house gas prices are 2.79/gal. It IS a lovely blue sky ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Travis said...

I filled up for $2.79 a gallon last week.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

woo hoo! good for you! the cheapest i saw on the trip south was 2.17 but the cheapest we got was 2.30. i was happy with that too!

smiles, bee

Patricia said...

Awesome! Casey was telling me that in north Texas gas was $1.99. It is still just under $2.50 here.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

What a great price. We put gas in our little boat this weekend and it was 5 bucks a gallon. I like your prices better. Have a great day. Big hug and lotsa lovies. :)

Titania Starlight said...

Since I do not drive I will have to ask my husband what the prices are here in Mississippi. It sure is nice to see those numbers come down.

AniqueAnik said...

that's a great blue! happy hunting..mine is up too.Happy Halloween!