Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Girl's Day Out

Saturday was a wonderfully fun girls day out for myself and my five year old daughter, Shelby. My husband and our son went horseback riding. They left out around 7 am. Since I got them up and helped get Tyler ready I made coffee and stayed up. Shelby and I headed out fairly early. We got most of her school supplies. There were two things on her list that we couldn't find anywhere, so I will have to keep my eyes peeled for them in the coming weeks.

We got the school supply shopping finished up and took the loot back home to keep the crayons and the like from melting in the 100+ temperatures. After this we headed out for the fun stuff...BABY shopping. I had a gift certificate in hand from a lovely friend so it was most definitely burning a hole in my pocket. I stopped along the way and picked up my sister and her daughter. We had lots of fun shopping for a new baby. It's so amazing all of the gadgets and accessories that they have now versus even three years ago when Tyler was born. I was shopping for things that I knew I needed like bottles, pacifiers, etc. I don't have anything. I blindly gave away every single baby item that I owned after Tyler's birth swearing that I'd not need any of it again. Now, it's a fresh new start for us. That's what happens, I guess.

The photo shows the haul we made it home with. I was pretty excited about all of the items that we purchased and glad to know that we're getting a little closer to getting the necessities that this little one will be needing when she makes her arrival in late August (or early September). The following items are in the photo:
*A Glider Cradle I will take this to Brien's office after the baby is born when I begin my "new job"
*A trendy diaper bag This is why I took my sister. She is WAY trendier than me and she picked out the diaper bag. I'm a little worried that it might not be big enough.
*Pacifier(s) We got a couple of different styles hoping to accomidate the new baby's likes.
*Bottles - the new playtex vent aire to keep the air from reaching the baby's tummy because we all know how BAD that is!!! I've not tried these before. Any other new mommies have experience with them?
*A small bag to carry wipes and diapers in for a quick trip in and out.
*A Boppy Cover - my Boppy is old (a hand me down) and I've never had a cover for it.
*A hooded baby towl w/washcloth - although I do have these still on hand the one pictured was a really cute little gift set that I couldn't pass up. It was a hot day for shopping, that is certain but we enjoyed ourselves and with weather like this who needs Phentermine. The heat will certainly zap the pounds off of you. Well, that is if you don't stop at Sonic on the way home for a bananna split blast. Ah well...we'll worry about that after the baby is born, right?! It was worth every single bite.

So, how did you spend your weekend?!

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Cheryl Wray said...

What a FUN weekend you had. Shopping for baby stuff is always so much fun! I love all the stuff you got.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

looks like a pretty danged good haul to me!!!

smiles, bee

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I remember doing this for my son. It was such fun to shop for all the things he was going to need. Then I'd go look at each thing over and over again. Sounds like your girls day out was a raving success. Glad you had fun. Big hug honey. :)

Mags said...

Oh how fun! What a lucky little girl she's going to be. :)

But...I think you DO need a bigger bag...it's so small I can't see it!

Toni said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Looks like you got some great stuff!

BTW, I am adding your link to my site would be great if you could do the same!


Linda said...

Sounds like you girls had a great time out and that's quite the haul you brought home, too!

Dixie said...

Yes, it was a very hot weekend. I spent mine laying around IN THE HOUSE... very peaceful as Kaitlin was gone to her dad's house...

Won't be very long now till you will get to meet that sweet bundle of joy face to face.


Desert Songbird said...

Little baby stuff is sooooo cute! But I don't envy you having to buy this; I'm a bit too old to be having a baby. *wink*

It was a rainy weekend, pleasantly enough. The temps were down, but the humidity was brutal. We went to a party Saturday night, but I paid for it and was up all night being sick. Ugh. I finally fell asleep at 6:30 a.m. Sunday and slept until 12:30 p.m.


That sounds like alot of fun. I LOVE shopping for baby things.

Mimi Lenox said...

Ahhh....this brings back memories. What a fun day shopping you had and with your kids. You are such a cool mom!

Lori said...

How fun!! I never got to buy pink things. That would have been cool. Although, babies turn into hormonal teenagers. I dont think she would have survived in my house;)I have enough estrogen for everyone. Great stuff...I cant wait to see her.

Ruthie said...

Awww, so glad you and your daughter had some "mommy and daughter" time! I kind of chuckled when you said that you gave everything away after having your second child, because I did the same thing. Then I found out that I was having TWINS! So I ended up having to buy two of everything, when I only should have had to buy just an extra. Oh well, don't you just love life's little surprises?? LOL

Stella said...

The soothing motions glider was my savior and my best friend when my daughter was born!! It was GREAT! She slept in it, basically lived in it. GREAT CHOICE!
We used Vent Aire for awhile and then switched to the drop-ins because of the BPA in bottles. The drops don't have that chemical that can leech into the baby's milk. I liked the vent aires just didn't want to take a chance with the chemicals!

Looks like you guys did GREAT! What a fun day!

Dayngr said...

Good stuff! You should totally have a virtual baby shower and let your blogger buddies get stuff for you or at least send you gently used clothes and such. I have a friend that I met on twitter who has a daughter that is just a little younger than mine. She is always the exact size my daughter has just grown out of. I send her all of our little girls old clothes and it saves her tons. Plus, I know it is going to good use, someone I know and I get the added benefit of seeing the clothes again on her little girl in her Flickr photos. It's pretty neat!