Thursday, July 03, 2008

Donate for Shelby's Sake!

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Shelby was seven years old when he was diagnosed with cancer. He was in second grade and began having headaches and nausea. After taking him to the doctor and a thorough exam, he was sent for a CT. After the CT, he was immediately sent to Children's Hospital where he was admitted. Shelby underwent a number of tests that were followed by surgery and then a year of radiation and chemotherapy. Shelby is now three years out from treatment and CANCER FREE!!!

Through it all, Shelby kept an amazing attitude. Of all that he had to endure, all he wanted was to be in school and do all the activities that his friends were doing. Kids going through cancer treatments have to miss out on alot of normal activities, such as school, birthday parties and just playing outside with their friends.

Three years ago Shelby attended The American Cancer Society's Cancer Camp at Camp Aldersgate for the first time - and he loved it! He has been blessed in that he does not have a lot of physical disabilities that keep him from doing normal activities. He did have to go through alot of physical therapy to regain the strength and balance that he lost through surgery and treatments. At Camp Aldersgate, disabilities are not a problem. All the activities are geared toward the abilities of the kids. The kids never feel left out because they are included in all activities. They all have been through most all the same things. They feel connected unlike they would with their other friends.

When we picked Shelby up from camp the first year, he commented, "I can't wait to go back next year." He looks forward to the application coming in the mail and the instruction letter with the theme for the camp dance.

As Shelby stated in a radio commercial for the American Cancer Society," is a place where you can forget about treatment, forget about hospitals and forget that you have cancer."

By donating to the American Cancer Society, you can help these kids make that dream come true.

To donate click HERE

I am asking all of my blogging friends if they could donate for this wonderful cause. I have a special place in my heart for the American Cancer Society and I have donated many times to this charitable cause. I know that money is tight for us all right now. If you could donate at least a dollar, I can reach my goal. Thank you all so much for your time and your donations in advance!

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Atniz said...

I have donation budget for each month from my blog earnings. I have donated for this month. Maybe, I will donate next month. I have saved your post link. Every month, 10% of my blog earnings will be donated to those who really need it. The amount is not big but can get bigger in time. Thanks for giving the exact link on this.