Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mother of The Year?!

DUI defendant faces charges
after going to bar instead of jail

Erin Howard received a furlough to attend her son's funeral. But instead of returning to the Pennsylvania jail where she was being held in connection with the 6-year-old's death, police say the manslaughter defendant went out drinking in Ohio.

The Erie Times-News reports that Howard now faces an escape charge, in addition to the DUI and involuntary manslaughter charges that prosecutors filed after the June 14 crash that killed her son.

While she was being treated for injuries she sustained after losing control of her car, the paper says Howard told investigators she "celebrated her 26th birthday with Seagram's and root beer and a pipe bowl full of pot."

I am just speechless after reading this. (Okay, not really...) The thought that a mother could kill her own child by driving under the influence of anything, get out of jail to attend the funeral and then do it again just amazes me! She could have killed someone else's baby, someone who took the time to buckle their child in a safety belt. That someone who loves and nourishes their child with all they have to give could have their child taken from them in an instant just because some careless person would rather have a "pipe bowl full of pot" than to care for their child. Shame, shame on you for your carelessness! You sicken me to the core. I have zero tolerance for driving under the influence. I had a cousin taken from this world all too soon due to the ignorance of someone under the influence. He was a kid and he never got to grow up or to have a chance to have children of his own. I can only hope that her time in jail gives her time to think about her poor baby that will never have the chance to overcome having such a woman for a mother. My thoughts and prayers go out to the rest of this family while they cope with such a loss!

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Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh my gosh!

hugs, bee

Monster Mom said...

Hi, I was just blog hopping and found your blog.. nice and cute!

Some people are just plain selfish....

Have a good day!

Mo said...

Seagrams and Root Beer?
That makes me nauseated just thinking about it... aside from the disturbing story!
Capital punishment is too good for some people.

Akelamalu said...

They should lock her up and throw away the key!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

She will drink as soon as she gets out of jail. She is just going to drink. She is a party girl. I saw lots of these kind of folks in my 25 years working. It's just a shame, just a shame. :)

JohnH985 said...

Just a little over a year ago we had a young girl that worked with us die due to head on collison because the other driver was drunk. This girl was 18, just graduated high school with her whole life ahead of her. She left work that night and within twenty minutes was dead. I have an sympathy for someone who drives drunk, they are not just taking their own lives in their careless hands, but those of others. I hope the mother stays in jail a loooong time.

Sandra Carvalho said...

Animals are better parents then some people... In my opinion this woman should be allowed to procreate ever again.
Take care.