Friday, May 16, 2008

She's Five Going on Fifteen

I think my five year old daughter is addicted to television! Most five year olds would be stimulated by cartoons but not Shelby. She loves to watch the 'tween shows like That's So Raven, Corey In the House, Hannah Montanna, and you all know how much she loves the High School Musical movies! We have DVR, so she will pause her show if she has to come tell me something (like her brother is in her room and he's "bothering" her) or if she needs to go to the restroom. We have a few DVDs as well. We have Hannah Montanna on DVD and a few episodes of Raven.

There is a new Corey In the House DVD, Corey in the House: Newt and Improved Edition coming to DVD May 27, 2008. Kyle Massey is Corey (also known as Raven's brother) is known for his hare brained get-rich-quick schemes. He lives at the White House with his father who is a chef to the president and his not-so-sweet first daughter, Sophie. This DVD is filled with non-stop laughter as Corey and Meena try to help out their best friend, Newt in the romantic department. The presidential seal is almost destryoed in the process. They have to manage all of this while steering clear of Sophie! This DVD is also packed with extras such as an exclusive back stage pass into the filming of Corey in the House and a music video.

Also set to release on May 27, 2008 is Disney's Minutemen. Jason Dolley who plays Newt on Corey in the House stars in this hilarious high tech adventure. We all wish we could have had a "do over" at that critical moment in High School, or at any moment for that matter to go back in time and recreate the past. That is just what these three socially backward high school seniors do! You'll have to see this one to believe it.

So, there you have it. If you have a 'tween or a five year old who thinks she's a tween you might be interested in these new releases, so I'm just passing the word along!

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My daughter was the same way. Now at 13 she still enjoys those tween shows but she likes shows like House and other adult shows. She just wasn't a cartoon kid.


I liked the Its so Raven show. and Lizzie McQuire.