Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nursery or New Home?!

We're getting closer and closer to the "due date" of baby #3. We moved into our house two years ago with more than enough room for the four of us. We had three bedrooms and an office. We moved from a two bedroom house that was much smaller than where we are now. I remember thinking to myself that we had all of this room and how in the world would we ever fill the space. Boy did I ever eat those words! Now that we are expecting baby #3 we're going to have to convert our office to a nursery. I'm sure by the time it's all said and done, I will wish we were buying a home in Ohio!

The trouble with this scenario is that the office is right inside the front door of the house, AND there is no closet. This will probably be okay for the first year or two of her life, but the fact that she is a girl will tell you that we will eventually need closet space for her, and lots of it! Brien and I have discussed moving into a larger home. Due to the current state of the economy we feel that isn't the best idea so we've decided that adding another room to our home will probably be the best solution for all. The trouble that I have with this scenario is that I know how my husband takes on projects and gives me high expectations about their completion only to be disappointed that they are never followed through. This rings true in the remodel of our bedroom and master bath that still has no working toilet or lavatory, the closet lights are not hooked up, AND there is still trim work and painting to be completed but I digress.

I should be happy that we do have this "spare room" to put the baby in until he can complete this project. My only reservation is that if doesn't complete it before she graduates from high school, I am afraid that he might be relocating to Cleveland, Ohio whether he wants to or not!

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Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

ha ha ha, have fun in ohio!!!

smiles, bee

Travis said...

Good luck with your project!


I had to put my office in my bedroom. Because the kids seem to have every other part of the house taken.