Friday, April 11, 2008


So, the time is ticking down for us and the other thousands of folks who are lucky enough to owe the IRS money. I know there are many people who rush to their local tax preparer and get their taxes done and wait for a big fat tax return. Unfortunately that's not the case for us because hubby owns his own business. I pay taxes in throughout the year, so that does help out a bit but we'll end up paying in when all is said and done. We have to keep up with every receipt we can throughout the year in order to maximize our deductions from festool saws to meals out with "clients" and fuel tickets, it all adds up in the end and makes that final number paid in a little less. Keep your fingers crossed that when the tax lady calls us on Monday she has good news and low numbers for us! I hope yours does (or already has done) the same!

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Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I hope you don't have to pay too much this year. We pay quarterly taxes to both federal and state. It sure helps. Have a great weekend. :)

Travis said...

Good luck. I mis-calculated a bit with my exemptions after I bought the condo, so I owe this year.

Oh well. It's the first time in about 7 years I've had to pay, and we don't have state income tax.