Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Mother's Revelation

Yesterday morning was a typical Monday morning around my house. I overslept then woke up cranky and sleepily made my coffee and proceeded to slap myself around a bit to get woke up. I hurriedly woke up my grizzly bears sleeping beauty and prince charming from their slumber. They woke up in the same kind of moods that I did so it made for a bad mood morning for all involved. Both kiddos usually are not thrilled with the thought of going to daycare on Monday mornings anyhow, but being as we were all at each other's throats this particular Monday morning was worse than normal. I did feel bad once we got in the truck and headed toward daycare because I realized how mean I had been. I apologized to the both of them for being mean. The great part about children is that they are so forgiving. They both smiled at me and told me that they loved me and it was okay that I was having a bad morning. I received big bear hugs and lots of kisses from each one before we went in the door at school. All the way to work, I held back tears because I realized that no matter how many people in my life come and go, I will always have that unconditional love from my children. I am so proud that I am a mother. It is by far the greatest job that a woman can possess. This post was going to be a funny, lighthearted "conversations" post but instead became a revelation for me. I realize that my children (along with my husband) really are my best friends because they love me so unconditionally. Wow, what a great feeling!!!

Now, I'll move on to the lighthearted post that this was to become:
On the way to daycare this morning, Tyler was crying that he did NOT want to go to daycare today. Here is how the conversation went:

Tyler: *sobbing* I don't want to go to school today.

Me: I don't want to go to work either, but I have to. You have to go to school today. I promise that I'll pick you up as soon as I leave work.

Tyler: But, I'm too scared to go to school.

Me: Scared, what are you scared of at school?

Tyler: The girls.

I thought to myself...if he only knew! *LOL*

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WillThink4Wine said...

Tyler is quite perceptive, and at such a tender age!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

awww honey how sweet. (until they become teens, then watch out!!!) they are so cute, you are a lucky mommie!

smiles, bee

Sandy & Dick said...

It's all those hormones jumping around. Been there/done that! Everyone will survive:-)...hugs, Sandy B

maggie said...

lol on Tyler's statement. Just wait it doesn't get easier.

Your post was good. I often feel the same way. We've had to many mornings like that.

Cheryl Wray said...

OMG...I love it!

Wait until he gets to middle school...the girls will really scare him then! :-)

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

What Empress Bee said. How sweet Tisha. You are such a great mother. I can just tell.

You are right...If he only knew. Bwahahahaha. How adorable. Have a great day sweetie. :)

Kim said...

WOW! Kids can really teach us all about love and acceptance can't they! God's wonderful gifts to us.

Oh yea....TAG! You're it! Come on over to my blog and you'll see that you have been tagged.

Mags said...

That's a very nice revelation. What a lucky mommy you are! :)

Akelamalu said...

Children are such a joy!

LOL Tyler won't be scared of girls in a few years time!

Akelamalu said...

PS There's an award waiting for you on my blog. x

Mo said...

Yeah, wait 'til he sees their furry toot-toots! Then he'll have something to cry about!


Linda said...

Laughing at Mo's comment!

Isn't it nice that even though you had a pretty moody Monday morning that you were able to get something good out of it? Your family can be your biggest support system ever and it sounds like you have a great one. Pretty soon there will be one more heart to add even more love!

Lori said...

You know, mothers arent perfect. Kids dont realize we are human until they are out on their own. Dont beat yourself up for having a bad morning...like you said, kids build a bridge pretty quick and get right over it. Man, I hope your son still thinks like that at 16. Lord knows what kinda crazies he'll bring home...case in point, my oldest Son who happens to be a shit magnet...lol. You're a great Mom and your prego...its to be expected:)

Travis said...

Dear Tyler,

Even big guys like me still get scared of girls sometimes. Here's a tip...tilt your head a little bit, batt your eyelashes, and grin at them. Works every time!

Heart of Rachel said...

Tender kisses and hugs can remarkably make things alright.

Awwww ... I guess Tyler is still adjusting to some of his classmates.