Saturday, November 03, 2007

Saving Money!

I love to shop. But, what I love better is shopping for a good bargain! I just came back from JCPenney's HUGE semi-annual sale. I got some 350 thread count Egyptian cotton King Sized sheets for $50! Can you believe it?! They're normally twice that price. They were half off and then they took another 20% off the half price! Whoo hoo. I was smiling from ear to ear when I left that store. I also got the kiddos some great buys. Shirts were buy one get one for 99¢. How in the world could a person pass up deals like that?!

So, saving is a great thing to do, especially when you have small children who are constantly growing. When the seasons change, so do their sizes thus forcing you to buy new pants, shoes, shirts, etc. I love to shop at Penney's & Old Navy for children's clothes. They always have cute things, especially for girls. By using Online Coupons you can get 10 - 20% off your orders, or free shipping! Wal-mart is also one of my favorite places to shop. If you are looking to fill up your ipod with music, it's the best place to buy. You can download songs for only 88¢ per song. So, get on over there and get Brittany's new song. You know you wanna!!!

The best thing about is that it's free to use. There is no registration, sign up, or fees. So, go check it out and start saving just in time for the holidays!

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