Saturday, November 03, 2007


I just came back from a shopping excursion and I must tell you my friends, it was quite amazing to go shopping without my two little rugrats children by my side. There were some amazing deals at JC Penney's semi-annual sale. They had everything from leather coats to pearl necklace on sale. I walked away with a new set of Egyptian cotton sheets, and a bag full of new winter clothes for the kids. I was pretty happy with the amount that I spent. I set somewhat of a limit for myself and I stuck to it. I was happy to see that the shirts that I liked for Tyler were buy one get one for 99¢. You couldn't get shirts like these at a garage sale for that price! So, now that I've got this shopping behind me, I must venture into the wonderful world of laundry! It's just great when you look forward to the weekend just so you can get caught up on the house work and laundry that you don't have time for during the week. Yet, here I am...blogging away. *Sigh*

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Linda said...

Oh crud, that reminds me - I have laundry to do! Ugh!

Travis said...

We spent a couple hours at Penney's today too.