Saturday, October 13, 2007


Yesterday I had to get out in the garage and up in the attic to get out our Halloween/fall decorations AND the winter clothes. It's getting that time of year again, and I must admit that I am SO ready for it! This time of year, with the cooler weather it's a perfect time to get out and take charge of a bit of garage organization. It seems to get in a state of chaos during the summer when it's too hot to get out there. So, now it's time to get re-organized!

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Mommatude said...

I seem to have good intentions with organization and then just get so frustrated that my house is a disaster area for awhile-I eventually get it done but not before I pull my hair out a couple of times....LOL

Crazy Working Mom said...

Mommatude, I so totally feel your pain! I'm the same way. Sometimes it's hard to find that starting point!