Monday, October 08, 2007


When I was a teenager, I could be found at one place every Friday and Saturday night. I loved to go dancing. No, not ballroom dancing, but country dancing. We would two-step, triple-step, tush push, and waltz to our heart's content. In fact, for our first dance as a married couple my husband and I danced a country cha-cha to George Straight's "I wanna dance with you". Good times! I have become a bit rusty since then, so there are some videos over at that can help me (and you) brush up on our skills. Are you game? Lets do it. What a great way to shed some pounds! I was a skinny gal back then. I can't say the same for myself now for sure.

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MyStarbucks said...

I have always wanted to do that type of dancing. Now, with four kids, it's either dancing to Hannah Montana or God forbid, rap.