Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Alien or Pshcho?!

I see people walking around with those things on their head...you know what I'm talking about don't ya? Those things that light up and make folks look like they have a growth on their head. What I find really funny is when you see a head, but no Bluetooth headset. This fella is just walking around and chatting away. You kinda look at him funny because you think he might've escaped from the mental institution because he's carrying on full conversation with someone, but there is no one else in sight! Then as he turns to grab a can of corn from the shelf, you spot that blinking blue light and you know that he's speaking to someone on the other end of a wireless phone somewhere in the world. Isn't modern technology that greatest thing since...sliced bread?! So, what was great before sliced bread? Hmmm...I wonder. I think that I'd love to be part of the hands free movement, unfortunately my ears are so small that those things will not stay in there. It stinks for me. I can't even use regular ipod ear buds because they won't work in my ears either. *Sigh* But, that's a whole 'nother post!

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