Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Some People!

We've had a rash of break ins and burglaries around our neighborhood. A few houses down, a lady's car got broken into. She is a nurse and had medical supplies and needles in her trunk. The thieves stole her purse and some supplies from her car. Hubby had some things stolen out of his shop back last winter. We're pretty certain of who stole those things. It was several of his favorite hunting supplies, guns, GPS, digital came camera, as well as fuel from his transfer tank that he uses for his heavy equipment. It's a shame that people can't work and buy things themselves, they see the need to steal from hard working people. Just wanted to rant a bit. Getting ready to watch Big Brother 8. I wonder who will win?!

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Neila said...

That always makes me nervous. There was an armed robbery a couple of blocks from us when we lived in our previous house, and I was freaked out for months!

On BB8, I can't believe they voted for Dick!!!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I cannot stand thieves. Never have been able to stomach them. If they steal they will do anything. :(