Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hot Tub Covers

It has been a long, hot summer here in central Arkansas. I know that there are lots of people who are most definitely ready for the winter, like myself. There are many people who will be getting ready to put that Hot Tub or Spa away for the winter. If you're looking for a Spa Cover I have found the perfect place for you to shop. The Cover Guy has been identified by online industry sources as the First Choice for Spa Covers online. If you purchase your Hot Tub cover online in the month of September, the shipping is free! The spa covers are made of the highest density foams, which can withstand heavy loads including harsh snowfalls, children, and animals. All foam is coated and wrapped with the newest technology for ZERO water absorption, which means the hot tub covers do not get waterlogged like some other manufactured spa covers. The Cover Guy Guarantees the Best Quality Spa Cover at the Best Price!
Using this site to find what size Spa Cover you need is quick and simple. First, you simply choose from a list of drawings to find the shape of Hot Tub that fits your specific design. Secondly, you will choose your color and lastly you'll enter the dimensions or model of your Spa. It's that simple. Ordering is quick and the shipping is even faster.
I saw something while I was surfing over at The Cover Guy called a cover lifter. This makes covering and removing your Spa a breeze! The Top Mount Hydraulic Cover lets you lift off your cover with one finger. It is made with powder coated steel tube construction. It is very simple to install. It's also fully adjustable. Specialty brackets are available to fit most any cabinet style. It also comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
You should go visit The Cover Guy for all of your Hot Tub or Spa covering needs.

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