Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Free Videos

Since the next presidential election is just over a year away we are all becoming more aware of which candidates better fit our needs. There are many people who follow strict guidelines in voting, such as democratic or republican. But, there are others who will refer to policy issues who will vote based upon how a candidate believes in certain issues. There are many issues in today's society that I believe that were not even brought up in past elections and a big part of those issues have to do with the environment. There are people who will go to the polls who are looking for change in the way we produce energy, and how these processes are changing the way we see our leaders. There are many actors, actresses, and musicians who have publicly stated that they have gone green. There are many factors in today's society that are causing climate change. There are definite needs for policy change by our government. Who will take a stand for these changes? Energy Policy TV is a great online resource to find out very important information. Their mission is education and I found this site to be just that. At Energy Policy TV you will find video of leaders in energy and the environment as they make policy and take business action. This is a free service and requires no login or passwords.

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