Thursday, September 20, 2007


I remember there was a time when I LOVED to watch the Super bowl. No, not because I'm not a big football fan. Not because I love to watch men run around in tight pants. I just watched because of the commercials. Back in the day, a thirty second Super bowl commercial could quite possibly be some of the best entertainment you'd see all year long. That just does not seem to be the case anymore. There just aren't very many good quality entertaining commercials to be seen right now. There are several on right now that every time I see them I just sigh and wonder what they were thinking. I know that even I could come up with better ideas than I see on TV! Black Turtle Media wants your work! If you think the same thing, go check them out. They are sponsoring a contest right now where people send in a self-made commercial on: the Apple iPhone, the video game Halo3 or Decision 2008 and win US $5000! is a site dedicated to promoting amateur and professional producers of commercial-grade advertising. You should go over and check out the entrants for the contest. There are some pretty cool ones. You can vote for your favorite while you're there.

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