Thursday, August 30, 2007

Vontoo Voice Messaging

If you are a business owner, or if you work for a business who could benefit from voice messaging, Vontoo voice messaging is the first permission-based, on-demand voice messaging provider. This means that Vontoo adheres to the Federal Do Not Call Registry. They also ensure that all of their customers who use their voice messaging system have a business relationship with the call recipient. This is a great security for all customers involved! Cheaper than snail mail and more efficient than email, voice marketing is truly the most innovative way to market today. Unlike most traditional calling systems, Vontoo requires NO additional purchase of hardware or software to use their technology. The New York City Fire Department actually uses Vontoo voice messaging. Time and and realities of today's modern day lives make it very difficult for us to keep in touch with one another. Manhattan’s Engine 67 was planning a reunion for the firefighters, young and old. It would've taken days out of some one's busy schedule to call everyone and make sure they knew the specifics of the reunion. With Vontoo voice messaging system all of the calls were free to recipients and the call included the time, date, and even directions to the event. They even received a report on which dialed numbers were valid, who actually listened to the recorded voice message, and which calls were received by an answering machine or voicemail system. If the NYCFD likes Vontoo, then why wouldn't you?!

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