Sunday, August 26, 2007

Teaching your children about finances

We all know that teaching kids about money can be a very difficult thing to do. Over at Chores and Allowances you can find a plethora of information including how to teach your children about money and finances. Lets face it, it's something that they are going to have to learn about one way or another. So, the easier it is for us to teach them, the better we can do.

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For the Love... said...

In my family asking how much something costs or how much money someone made was FORBIDDEN. Maybe it is a southern thing..but I am trying to do a little differently with my 3..they have no idea how much money we make but I do let them see the power bill (I let EVERYONE see it this month on my site) and stuff like that. I am think that having an idea of what things cost-like power-will help make them a tad more responsible and maybe a little more grateful.

Will have to go check that site out, thanks!