Tuesday, August 07, 2007

San Francisco Sight Seeing

I have always wanted to visit San Francisco, otherwise known as "The City by the Bay". This city is known for it's history, architecture, and dining.
San Francisco Sightseeing would not be the same without Trusted Tours & Attractions, whose motto is "Trust Us, We've Been There,". The City By The Bay Tour would be the perfect way to see such a beautiful city! This would definitely be my favorite! Scheduled stops include Vista Point at the Golden Gate Bridge, the panoramic view of the city from atop Twin Peaks and other photo opportunities recommended by your driver-guide. You all know how much I LOVE to take photos. So, this seems like it would be the perfect tour. Oh, how I would love to go see the Golden Gate Bridge up close and personal. I've only seen this immaculate beauty on television, and I know it can't be done justice there! The best part about this tour is that it winds down with a cruise on the San Francisco Bay which includes a 45 minute narration, and while listening you enjoy a panoramic view of San Francisco from the Bay! So, if you're looking for a great vacation spot, San Francisco would be the place. Visit Trusted Deals & Attractions to learn more about San Francisco Sightseeing. You can sign up there for the trusted tours e-newsletter.

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Anonymous said...

N. Cali is beautiful. We take a vacation to Pebble Beach every summer. I'd live out there if I could afford to.

Anyways, it's always a joy to see your name on my blog and to read yours alwo, so take care and HAVE A GOOD WEEK!