Monday, August 20, 2007

The History of Thoof

Once upon a time there was a boy named Ian. He was a scrawney little fella who was picked on quite frequently in grade school. He had a spech problem. Ian was often the butt of jokes in school and the school bully stole his lunch money daily. Sadly, Ian had learned to deal with this teasing because to him it was just a way of life. As the years went by Ian became engrossed in his school work. He studied foreign affairs, current events, and read every piece of information he could get his hands on. This only gave his enemies more ammunition because now he was a smartie with a speech problem. One day as he walked home from school, Ian was approached by the bully who had stolen his lunch money daily for the past four years. He began to tease and ridicule Ian. Ian kept walking trying to avoid eye contact with the bruit. The bully jumped in front of Ian and knocked his books out of his hand. Ian was angered to no end. He quickly reacted by kicking that bully right in the knee. The bully hit the ground and Ian quickly kicked him square in the mouth. Ian had never had a reaction like this to ricicule. He'd been picked on his entire life and it felt good to release all of this frustration he had pinned up inside of him! The bully stood up and began to cry. There were tears running down his cheeks and blood running out of his mouth. He yelled at Ian, "You knocked out my Thoof". Ian began to laugh hysterically at the bully!
"I knocked out your what?", Ian asked the bully.
"My Thoof" he repeated.
Ian turned his back on the bully and laughed because for many years he'd been made fun of because he couldn't speak correctly and now that bully had the tables turned on him.

Many years, several thousand dollars woth of speech classes and lots of college time later, Ian now has his own website appropriately named, "Thoof"! Thoof is a personalized news website is comprable to services such as Digg or Reddit with the main difference is that there is no "front page". Every time you open Thoof, it is YOUR page. This is where the personalization comes in to play. Thoof remembers every time you click on a story. If you happen to click on a story that looked interesting to you, but you ended up not liking it you can tell Thoof that you didn't like it. So, do you get it? The more you click and read, the more Thoof gets to know you. Hop on over today and check it out. I promise you won't be disappointed. Thoof also has a rating system which is called “ThoofRank”. ThoofRank is a measuring system for readers to rate how interesting and important a story is to other thoof readers. An article or story ranked 50% by ThoofRank means that the article is recognized by other readers as above average. In order for members to get their posts rated, you simply add a a ThoofRank badge code tothe post on their blog. It's that simple. So, I'm sure that if you haven't already clicked over to check it out, I'll give you one more chance.

Click Here Now to go over and began your personalization right now!
*You'll have to ask Ian, the creator of Thoof if this story is fact or fiction because no one knows where Thoof got it's name!*

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