Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I'm the kind of girl who relies a whole lot on modern technology to get from point A to point B if those points are not frequently traveled. My sense of direction is horrible. I am directionally challenged!
For anyone who does a fair amount of traveling, I think GPS Navigation systems such as Garmin are a great idea. The model pictured above is the Garmin nuvi 670. Just a few of the features of this great invention are: a touch screen display, blue tooth wireless technology for hands free calling, voice announces by street name, and preloaded maps for all of North America. To find out the rest of the features, and many other great makes and models of GPS navigation systems from top brands including Magellan, and TomTom you can visit tigergps.com. If you're unsure what system is best suited for your needs, check out their product selection tool.

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Shaz said...

I bought one two weeks ago or when I start my new job at is't commuity based in another town & like you I have no sence of direction! They are fab, I highly recommend them

Maggie said...

i'm not directionally challenged but we recently started using the tomtom xl and it is AWESOME