Thursday, August 09, 2007

Blue Lagoon Clinic

Do you or someone you know suffer from psoriasis, disease which affects the skin and joints, commonly causing red scaly patches to appear on the skin? If so, then the Blue Lagoon - Clinic is a place you need to know about. It is a new clinic that opened in 2005. The clinic has specially designed rooms for you to relax in after bathing and light therapy. A day at The Blue Lagoon begins with a refreshing shower using Blue Lagoon algae and mineral shower gel. Next comes the application of the Blue Lagoon silica which holds deep-cleanses the skin, exfoliates, stimulates blood circulation, and adds to general well being. The Blue Lagoon's natural treatment of psoriasis involves a combination of bathing in the Blue Lagoon and UVA /UVB light therapy. The facilities, are beautiful. The scenery is breath taking, and the treatments are life changing. So, if this service is something that you or someone that you know can benefit from, please go Blue Lagoon - Clinic online and find out more.

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