Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Thursday is the big day! Yup, my little man will be the big 2 on Thursday. Remember that we are planning a surprise trip to the circus for he and big sister. They still don't know. I think it will be a lot of fun. We've gone before and I am hopeful that the show will be just as great this time as it was when we saw it the first time. Tyler started daycare on Monday. He's going to the same place as big sister, Shelby. He did very well the first day. He didn't cry at all. Today was a bit different. He grabbed my shirt and got very scared. They said he did well all day until his teacher left at 4:30. When I got there at about 4:40 he'd been crying and they went and got Shelby from her class and she was in there playing with him trying to console him. The poor little guy I guess thought that he was being left there for good. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for him. His grandma is taking it pretty hard. She loves both of my kids to pieces and she's a great grandmother. But, since we've moved it's quite a drive out there for me every day. Plus, he'll be getting great social skills being around other kids his own age. So, I hope this is the right decision. I guess only time will tell.

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Kim said...

From a mom that had a child in daycares/preschools and worked in one as a teacher, he should be fine. Those first few days are always the hardest. The fact that he has the same teacher for most of the day is great. Some places the kids have at least two teachers through out the day. Where I worked we tried very hard not to do that. It sounds like he is at a great place. Keep us posted!

Oh...I hope that everyone has a great time at the circus.

Claire said...

My sister took her two to the circus and they loved it!

Kids definitely need them social skills, its the right decision :)