Friday, August 17, 2007


They say change is good. I think as a general rule of thumb most people, like me, don't really like change. When you get new software anywhere it's especially hard at first to learn all of the new steps and procedures. When a company gets new crm software it is certainly no different. CRM or customer relationship management software can be very complex and difficult to learn. For the most part, there are features in the software application that are typically unused and have little to no real world benefits. The AIMpromote system helps your team to focus more on making sales than spending valuable time learning software. Aimpromote prides themselves in being the technology leader in lead management. What does this mean for your company? With their friendly and knowledgeable sales staff, it means that your sales staff will have answers to almost any question they may have within minutes, and generally within one call. From the initial implementation of the product and the roll-out to your agents Aimpromote is there for you every step of the way paving the path to your company's success! With less time spent learning software and more time spent on sales calls, you have no other option but to be successful. It's a win-win situation! You can sign up here for a FREE 14 day trial and see how AIMpromote can be your organizations competitive advantage.

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