Thursday, July 26, 2007

Relia Dose

I have a sister and sister-in-law who are both expecting. Babies, that is. ;)
I came across a product that I think is an excellent idea, but a little too late to benefit myself. I am passing along this website to them, and to YOU as well. It's a new, unique product to facilitate giving liquid medication to babies.

ReliaDose has been endorsed by mother and pharmacists as a product that:

* Masks the taste of medicine (through a patented dual chamber nipple)

* Delivers accurate dosage of medicine (through a syringe within inner chamber)

* Takes the stress out of giving medication to babies (who couldn't use LESS stress)

ReliaDose is specifically designed to work with a child's natural desire to feed from a bottle while ensuring complete and gentle dosing of medication. The dual-chamber nipple allows medication to be passed directly into the baby's mouth through the inner chamber of the nipple, while the outer chamber delivers formula or juice, surrounding and masking the taste of the medicine.

I think this product is an AWESOME idea and I wish that it had been introduced five years ago!!!

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Titania Starlight said...

I wish I had this 22 years ago. Ouch! :o)~

Neila said...

I have never seen one of those! I wonder if that would help me with Georgia. She won't take liquid medicine. The second she tastes it, she throws up. Thank God for Tylenol chewable tablets, or I would be screwed!

Dayngr said...

That is a great product. How nice of you to spotlight it here so others can learn about it!