Monday, July 16, 2007

8 MORE Random Things About Me

I was tagged by the lovely Linda from Are We There Yet? for the Random Things About Me Meme. I was tagged back in May with the 10 things about me meme. So, I thought this time I'd change it up a bit. Here goes:

8 Random Things I Love To Do

1. Relax at the spa with a sixty minute full body massage followed by a pedicure and a nap.

2. Tan. Yes, I know it's bad for my skin, but I love to lay in the sun and just relax. In fact most of the time spent in my pool is on the lounger floating on top of the water. I love to just soak up the sun. I don't mind laying in a tanning bed either. It's nice to lay in a warm place where nobody can bother you for fifteen minutes.

3. Blog, e-mail, surf the net. Who would have thought?! But, I have really become obsessed with blogging. I have made so many new blogging friends, that I find myself overwhelmed at times trying to keep up with everyone. (Thank GOD for Google reader.) But, it is very fun!

4. Get kisses, hugs and lovies from my children.

5. Fish. I love to go fishing with my husband. Trout fishing is my favorite type of fishing. There's a beautiful place on the white river where we motor up and just float back down fishing away. It's a nice ride because the scenery is so beautiful. It's quite relaxing, fun and challenging.

6. Singing & Dancing I've mentioned before that I was once a female vocalist in a band. I toured the United States and I loved it. I was very young during this time. I was very much in love with my boyfriend and I realized that it was not going to be possible to have a relationship with him and follow my dream. I thought long and hard about this major life decision and realized that I would have to sacrifice my future with him to be fully devoted to this career. I was not willing to do so. I wanted to have a family, be a wife and a mommy. So, I quit the band and a few years later married that boyfriend who is now the father of my two beautiful children! I've never spent a day regretting that decision.

7. Mowing I love to mow the lawn. Well, I love to mow on the riding lawn mower. I am a bit anal about making sure that the lines are straight and that it looks just right, though.

8. Photograph I love to take pictures. My favorite subjects are of course my children. I have shelves full of photo albums because I have the most beautiful subjects in the world to photograph!

There ya go, Ms Linda. I hope I've done you proud! I know the rules state that I am supposed to tag some more people, but I really think it's time to put this one to bed. If there's some slight chance that there are any readers out there who have not done this meme and want to do so, please feel free to do so and leave me a comment.

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Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Aside from the tanning and fishing... your list looks pretty much exacly like mine would! I don't get the massages nearly as much as I'd want to, but try to do pedi's every month or two, especially in summertime. The rest of your list, love it! :)

Linda said...

Yes, ma'm, you did a fine job with this meme! I've never been fortunate enough to have a massage but maybe someday - if I'm lucky!

And your new blog template is just lovely! I really like the colors and the lay-out!

Jackie said...

I've only had one massage but I plan on getting my second one very soon now!!

I love straight mow lines as well! LOL

Titania Starlight said...

Massages make me feel high afterwards. Seriously I feel like I am floating. Must be the release of all those toxins.

Like the new look btw.:o)

Aisby said...

I like your list, but I certainly do NOT want to mow the yard...I wouldn't mind planting some flowers, though.

Cheryl Wray said...

I love the twist you took on this tag. I love it and will have to steal it from you soon! LOL
I love massages and photography too.