Saturday, May 05, 2007

10 Things About Me

I was tagged by the lovely Empress Bee for this Meme.
I'm supposed to list 10 things you might not know about me.
Since I am pretty open about myself on this blog,
this one was kinda hard for me.
So, here goes:
1. I have always wanted to be some sort of performer be it an actress, singer, etc.
2. In high school I would wait in the restrooms for the class bell to ring in 9th grade b/c I was too shy to make friends and I didn't want to be seen sitting alone.
3. When I used to date, I would never eat on a date. I would order food, but I was too nervous to eat it in front of them.
4. I've never seen a single Star Wars movie.
5. It wasn't until the last five years or so that I would wear open toed shoes b/c I hate feet.
6. Now that I do wear open toed shoes, I refuse to do so without some sort of polish on my toenails but I never paint my fingernails.
7. It drives me crazy for my children to have dirt under their fingernails or toenails. They get so angry with me when I hold them down and dig it out.
8. I entered many singing talent shows when I was a teenager and I never won a SINGLE one.
9. I had a miscarriage before I had my first child.
10. I won second place in a dance contest when I was a teenager. (First place went to the owner's daughter)

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Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

good job honey! and i love that photo, so totally different from any i have seen. thanks!

smiles, bee

Skittles said...

You are one talented lady!

Morgen said...

Thanks for sharing these details of your life.
How could you not have ever seen a Star Wars movie??? yes, the geek picks up on THAT one...