Thursday, June 28, 2007

Must Read!

Any of you that have children old enough to surf the net, please go read Gene's post Children & The Net it just might be a wake up call to some of you.

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Mike M said...

People would like an update from you about your contrubtion to The Experiment. You know, where you are, how it's coming. That sort of thing.

Can you send me an email at and let me know how you are doing? Several people have been asking and I want to tell them something.


Comedy + said...

Yikes, that was scary. Thank God it was a police officer. It could have turned out horribly. This happens all too often. I have seen these creeps all my working life. They are truly creepy. Yes, this is a great wake-up call. I'll give this to my grandbabies. :)

Linda said...

There is always someone out there that will mess up a good thing for other people and there are some truly sick perverts in the world.

It is my belief that all child molesters and rapists should be castrated. If they can't control it, they shouldn't be able to keep it.

Harsh, eh?

Alexis Jacobs said...

It is such a scary world we live in these days. As a parent of three, two of which are able to access the net pretty easily, I needed this reminder.

Shaz said...

I talk to my girls about net saety & I'm gonna get them to read this too. Just goes to show how easy ino can be found out, thanks x x