Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Three in One

I've been needing to post these three things all week, so I'm going to post all three of them at once so I will quit slacking and putting them off. I'm going to make this a sticky post for the rest of the day.
First off, please go visit my friend, Claire and check out the cool Easter themed blog hunt she is doing. All the details are up over at her site and it'll take you where you need to be. It started Tuesday, so there's still time to jump in and play. She's doing this for charity, so if you want to donate that's awesome but it's not required to play along! Happy Easter all, and thanks for all of your hard work on this project, Claire.

Next, my friend Linda has posted about "paying it forward" on her blog about thanking your local 911 dispatchers. Next week is National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week. I think that dispatchers are easily overlooked b/c they are not sent out to our emergencies, the firefighters or policeman are. They are the people most folks consider heros. But, just think for a minute how those firefighters or policeman would find the emergencies if it weren't for hard working and dedicated dispatchers! So, if you have a chance next week, think about your local dispatchers and just give 'em a call and say THANKS! :)
I want to take this time to say thanks to my friend, Linda for all of her hard work and dedication to her job.

So, that gets everything off my chest that I've been needin' to say. Also, someone else tagged me for a meme and I can't for the life of me remember who it was or what the meme was. If it was you, please leave it in the comments so I can go back and get it done.

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Linda said...

First off, thank you for your post on NTW and you're quite welcome!

Second, I think that someone tagged you for the Gotta-Get-Goals meme but I could be wrong and I can't remember who it was but it was one of the reasons that I didn't tag you myself!

lisa said...

thanks for the links! I will check them out. Have a great day. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! You've been posting a lot.

Claire said...

BIG THANK YOU for posting that!

And way to go Linda! (and you)

And i can't wait either for skittles first review!

Morgen said... the way...
you have more than three friends, sweetie darling!

#4 loves you too!
~ Quatro Mo