Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Monkey!

We went to the zoo yesterday afternoon. This gorilla was sitting by a plexi glass window at his enclosure. He was watching the children out of the corner of his eye and you could tell that he was NOT happy. He then suddenly jumps up and pounded the window. The kids were screaming and crying. Of course the adults were laughing. We saw it coming. Later on my daughter pulled me to the side and said she had a secret she wanted to tell me. I bent down and she cupped her hands around my ear and said, "Mommy, that monkey scared the piss outta me!"
I could do nothing but burst out in laughter. I repeated what she had said to my sisters. They lauged as well. Then I turned to her and asked her if she knew that piss was a bad word. She said no. I told her that it was and she covered her mouth and said, oops!

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Abigail S said...

Kids make me laugh all the time. It's so funny what they pick up and say, not knowing what it means.

Claire said...

Did she really say that? I love it.

Here's my monkey memory for you:

I was in the Brownies (girl scouts) for a very short time.
During that time we went to the zoo because Princess Diana was opening the new chimpanzee house.
So for hours we had to stand in the rain, while she opened it and had a look around. I saw the back of her head.
eventually we got into the monkey and as it was new the chimps must of been a bit worked up.
What made me think this? A old fella was holding up his grandkid, when a huge chimp launch at the window and the old fella dropped the kid on the floor and clutched at his chest! I laughed, even as a kid i had a twisted sense of humour :)

Skittles said...

Oh gosh that is hilarious!

Morgen said...

I bet that big old silverback really did scare the piss right outta some of the kids!

Probably a Depends Moments for the geriatric set, too...


This Eclectic Life said...

What a funny moment to remember. So many of those cute moments with my kids got lost in the memories, because I didn't blog then. They may hate you for telling the world about it (when they are teenagers), but they will be glad down the road that you wrote it. Thanks for a giggle.