Friday, April 27, 2007

Cat 'gives birth to puppy'

People in China are flocking to see a pet cat which has reportedly given birth to a puppy.The cat, in Zhengzhou city, gave birth to four kittens, one of which looks like a white poodle.

"It looks very different from the other kittens, and its mouth, nose and paws are all dog-like," says owner Zhang Qiming.

"Also, its tail is one centimetre shorter than that of the other three kittens."

Neighbours are pouring into Zhang's house to pay the cat-dog a visit, reports Zhengzhou Evening Papers.

***disclaimer: THIS IS NOT REAL*** I got it from a joke site.

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maiylah said...

whoa .... interesting!

BabyTalkers said...

is that for real?

Skittles said...

I want a baby kitty!!!

Morgen said...

This one is actually kinda old.
One of those urban legends de-bunked.
Every once in a while, it comes around as "news"...
Sorry, Tisha, you got zapped on this one.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Just wanted to see how many people would buy it. Of course it's not real. I did add a disclaimer. heh heh