Saturday, April 14, 2007

Blogger's Choice Awards

This link will take you right to my link to vote. You'll just have to sign in.

Thank you, Claire for nominating me for this award. That means so much. I know I'd be a longshot to win, but the fact that someone thought enough of me to nominate me means a lot! Thanks, again...and if you feel so incined I'd appreciate a vote, even if it's a sympathy vote! *blinks*
Claire is nominated for Best Blog of All Time and if you haven't voted for her, you'd better go do so!!!

Here are My Favorites:
Best Animal: Purrchance To Dream (Morgen's kitties) **They're winning!!!**
Best Humor: Comedy Plus
Best Food: Ms Maggie Moo
Hottest Mommy Blogger: Buzz Queen
Best Blog Design: Are We There Yet

Who am I missing? Let me know if I forgot someone, and THANKS again to my buddy, Claire for the nomination. :)

12 comments, add yours here:

Comedy + said...

Thanks for the vote and I just voted for you. Good luck and thanks for the drive-by :)

Comedy + said...

I've voted for the others on your list except for Ms Maggie Moo and the link doesn't work. I just can't find her... Can you help? Thanks.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Comedy +
I sent you an e-mail with the link and fixed the one here...thanks for the heads up. Guess I was so excited I just screwed up! :)
Thanks for your vote!!!

Kara said...

I voted for you!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

ok voted for y'all, good luck!!!

smiles, bee

Laurie said...

Cool. Now I have some new stuff to read. Thanks!

Josh said...

You're awesome. I thought Skittle's blog was down.

Yeah, I was nominated for the religion, but not the hottest daddy. I was disappointed. Kidding.

Have a good weekend!

Claire said...

Hey Thanks for this! you deserved the nomination! got to lay down now drank to much wine!

Claire said...

The wine is out of my system now (sort of) so thank you again!

I hope lots and lots vote for you.

Titania Starlight said...

I went over and voted. I also was nominated. You can vote for more then one in any catgory. See my post for today.

Congrats and good luck. :o)

Kai said...

Glad you posted this - I was worried I'd missed someone! Got 'em all though!

BTW - I love that you made the deviled eggs I posted :-) Glad to hear they were yummy!

Neila said...

I will head over to vote for you now! I've been nominated for Hottest Mommy Blogger, and I am getting my ass kicked!