Sunday, April 15, 2007

Birthday Tribute - As Promised

To my longest internet friend, David.

First off, I have slaved long and hard, over the stove that is...get your head out of the gutter, David to make you a cake that would fit your liking. I saw this in Hustler Good Housekeeping and just knew that it was the perfect cake for your special day. Please stick it in, David...THE KNIFE and cut everyone a slice. I've invited all of my online friends to join you for your special celebration!

David has dressed in his best for the occasion!!!

He's come along way since trying to figure out how to ride his tricycle!

Okay, David's favorite game is Twister. He loves to play. The only way you can play Twister with him is to strip down to your get nekkid and jump on in. Here's a photo of David and his buddies playing his favorite game last year! I won't tell which one he is...I'll leave it up to you to decide...
Now, that's enough games...put your clothes back on as your hostess brings in the surprise gifts. I'd like to thank you all for bringing gifts as you came...please don't forget to grab a goodie bag full of your favorite candies and party favors. Now on with the gifts:
Now, as promised...the whipped cream:

Now, David there are a few Budweisers around here somewhere that I've chilled for you. I've had a really hard time cooling them off, though. Maybe you can do a better job than I did.

David, I hope you've enjoyed this celebration in your honor!

Okay, now to the serious stuff...this was all in good fun. David was one of the very first people I ever talked to on the internet when I got online for the first time. We communicated through ICQ. Remember that? Anyhow, he's a great guy. He has a beautiful wife named Renee (I hope that she doesn't kick my ass for posting the eye candy for him) and two beautiful daughters. David and Renee are both super people and awesome parents! Although we've never met, I do consider them as friends. In honor of two great people with two beautiful children here's a bit of a REAL tribute to show how awesome they are! Happy early birthday to you, Renee!

Please go by my friend, David's Blog and wish him a Happy 37th Birthday. Tell him that some Crazy internet stalker sent you there!!
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David said...

Tisha, this is why even though we have never met, I consider you one of my bestest friends EVER! No telling how long it took you to put this together. Thank you so very much for this. It is very special!

I remember ICQ and talking to you all the time. I remember the first time we spoke actually. If I am not mistaken, it was about 9 years ago.

Thank you again Tisha. So very very much! LOVED the provocative writing! LOL

Renee' said...

Tisha you did a great job :) I know you worked very hard and he loves it. You are the best and we condsider you a great friend even tho we have never meet in person. You are an amazing person you have the biggest heart that I know. You have a wonderful day. And thank you for putting a smile on ole Dave's face hehe

Comedy + said...

Happy Birthday David! Tisha, you did an excellent job with this. You are so clever. Excellent Happy Birthday to a Internet buddy.

Claire said...

This is a great birthday post!
Those girls at the top of the post must be a bit cold now!lol.

That was a lovely slide show too, looks like he has a great family.

Linda said...

Very nicely done and that's quite the cake! I went over and left David my best wishes!

Anonymous said...

OMG! That is great! I'll let you know when it's my b-day okay?

One question though, which one of those in the first picture are YOU?

Crazy Working Mom said...

Josh...uhhh, that's a negative. NONE of those girls are me! *LOL* They did not have a wide angle lens the day they shot this photo! Heh heh heh

TamWill said...

Wow what an awesome presentation! Enjoyed the pictures and a good laugh.