Wednesday, April 11, 2007

An Award!

Wow, of all the awards out there I sure never imagined I'd get this one! Thanks to Grace, from Echoes of Grace I have been given the Thinking Blogger award. But, the best part is the great things she had to say about my blog. Thanks so much, Grace for your kind words.

The awesome thing is that I hafta keep this Thinking Blogger award rolling, so I get to pick 4 (oh my...only four) more bloggers to bestow this honor upon. I must pass the torch, so to speak! So, here goes and they are in no particular order:

Gene Bach makes me think with his beautiful photography, awesome artistic abilities with his comic strips, and his life in general. He's also a hero in his own right. Go over to his site and you'll see what I mean!

Morgen from It's a Blog Eat Blog World is my next Thinking Blogger. I love to get my daily Mo fix. He's the creater of Manic Mondays. If you're not playing along, you should be. He has a cool online shop that you should go check out. He has the most beautiful cats and a whole 'nother site devoted to them. He's been to Egypt and posted all about it.

Maggie makes me think with her beautiful poetry and her awesome recipes. Maggie is a chef and she blogs about her work, life, and all of the silly, funny stuff in between. She even flips off dogs and I'm still wiping diet dr pepper from my monitor from reading that post!

Crunchy Carpets is my final award recipient. Things at the house of Crunch can be chaotic at times and I love to read this blog because most of the time I feel right at home! Crunchy Carpets are also a common here at this house! Thanks Crunch for making me think, AND laugh!

To all of my recipients I just want to say thank you for making me think and helping me get through my chaotic days by giving me a little piece of your daily life! I ask that you will accept this award and pass this torch on to five bloggers of your choice. Congrats!!

5 comments, add yours here:

Crunchy Carpets said...

Aww..thanks...especially with all that was 'going on'...I really appreciate the compliment!


Gene Bach said...

Thank you Crazy Mom! I would never have seen my blog as making anyone think. Shoot, I don't think I think most of the time. LOL!

Mags said...

Thanks you CWM! I'm sorry I made you spit out your favorite soda.


Cathy said...

Tish, congratulations on this award. You deserve it!...:)

Morgen said...

Thank you so much.
This week I've done more worrying than thinking, or in my case one and the same I think...
This means a lot to me, coming from a good friend like you!
And to be honored along with such cool bloggers like Crunchy, Barb, Mags, and well... I've never been to Gene Bach's site, but now I will be popping over!
Thanks, my dear, you warmed my heart with this!
love ya,