Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sick Child

I got a phone call at work yesterday from my little girl's preschool. They said that she was running fever, 102 to be exact. So, I left work early to go get her. When I got there they had two other children waiting for parents to come and get them as well. Apparently there is some hideous virus going around. I called to get her in to see her doctor this morning and he is the only one in office and he is double booked all day. Her temp got up to 103.7 last night!!! I told them that and they said that they could not see her. I just need to treat the temp with tylenol and motrin. I guess if it gets too bad I'll just have to take her to the ER. The other symptoms of this virus are vomiting and diareah. She was sick at school yesterday, but she's not been since. Hopefully it'll pass. She's just been laying around watching movies all morning. Right now she's watching Peter Pan. Little man stayed with Grandma last night 'cause I didn't know how bad it'd be with sister, so I could devote all of my time to her, he stayed with memaw and got her undivided attention.

UPDATE: She is back at school today (Wednesday).
The virus she had must've just been a 24 hour thing.
She's feeling much better!
Thanks for all of the kind words and concern for her well being to you all!

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Heart of Rachel said...

Oh my, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope that the fever will go down and she'll get better soon.

My son also had fever yesterday. But the fever is gone today but he still has an upset stomach and little diarrhea. I'll see about his condition tomorrow. I'm thinking of bringing him to see our pedia to make sure.

Hope our kids will get better soon.

Kara said...

Poor thing! It's so sad when they are sick :( I hope she gets better soon.


I hate to see a little one sick...I talked to my "little one" today (she's 36!)and she's just getting over it, too. I guess it's making it's way coast to coast. I hope he feels better and back to raisin' cain soon!!!

Shaz said...

aww . . snap we have a house of germs too. As the only germ-free adult it's hard work. Keep yourself well x x

Josh said...

A sick child. That's tough.

Linda said...

I hope she's feeling better by now. It's so tough when they're sick like that and you feel so helpless. I hope you don't have to go the route of the ER - you end up waiting forever there for them to then look at you like you are some sort of idiot for coming to the ER for something that they think is so trivial. Best wishes to you and your little girl!

Cathy said...

I hope she is better now. I hate seeing sick kids. My grandaughter just got over a virus very similar to this that she had for a couple days last week.

Neila said...

They couldn't see her?! I would think they would call another doctor in if there were that many sick children coming in.

I hope she is feeling better!

Skittles said...

I can't believe they wouldn't make time for a child with that high of a fever!

Give her some hugs from all of us and I hope she's feeling better real soon.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hope your daughter is feeling much better now.

My son was already feeling better yesterday morning so my husband and I pushed through with our plans of spending the day together.

Take care.