Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 7

Thirteen Reasons I Am Excited About THIS Thursday:

1. Snow, Finally!!
2. It's my son's FIRST snow.
3. Snowball Fights.
4. Making Snow Angels.
5. Taking Pictures with my digital camera.
6. Staying home from work.
7. Making "snow cream". (might hafta call mother in law for a recipe)
8. Building a fire in the fireplace.
9. Seeing my son's reaction (and the dog's) to the snow when he's outside.
10. Wondering how long they'll last in the cold.
11. It's Arkansas people...we don't get much snow, so YEAH we're excited!!!
12. Making a big pot of soup and cornbread...mmmmmm...
13. Drinking a big mug of HOT chocolate.

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the photographer said...

amy said...

We are anticipating a lot of ice tomorrow here in Atlanta. Hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow and stay safe..Fires and chocolate..good combo

Gattina said...

Sounds good although I don't like snow ! But indeed it's funny to watch my white cat in the snow and only see a tail up !

Sunflower said...

Our small is gone:-)

I will Exercise for Comments!

Brit said...

Awww, I hope your son enjoyed the snow. I remember my first snow, but I was also six years old. LOL

Happy TT!

Jeannine said...

Have fun with your snow and when your done with it come and enjoy ours :-)
Happy TT!

Heart of Rachel said...

How exciting! I've never experienced snow before. It must be fun making a snowman and snow angel.

Hope your son will enjoy his first snow. Don't forget to take photos so you can preserve the memory.

Take care!

Skittles said...

Yay for snow in Arkansas!!!! Kids and dogs are funny playing around in it :)

Sanni said...

Aaaaaah, snow... I love it. There were about seven or eight single snowflakes during this winter in my part of the world. Some other parts had lots of snow (e.g. the Bavarians)... but I ran out of house to show our son his first snow(flakes), too.

Have fun with your son and the dog and the snow =)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well honey you just have all the fun you want up there in ar-kansas ok? me? i'll stay down here in south florida and hide out until spring. i can't say i hate snow but i can say i hate cold, so you bundle up that child and have a blast and i'll drive by the beach later....

smiles, bee

Alasandra said...

It's been years since I have had snow ice-cream.

We are getting RAIN here in South Mississippi. Snow beats rain anytime.

GreenEyedGirl said...

Man I wish I could get that excited for snow! I live in Canada and we have snow from November to March (sometimes longer).

Enjoy your snow, I wish I could send you some of ours!!

Morgen said...

I'm with greeneyedgirl: I wish I could get excited for snow!
Y'all can have as much as you want from up here -- they're taking it away in dump trucks from downtown today!!!
And it's snowing so hard, I can hardly see the building across the street!
But, I'm glad you & the little one enjoyed the snow!
Happy TT
It’s A Blog Eat Blog World

Starrlight said...

Eek snow!

Uisce said...

snow in Arkansas... I had no idea!!

Milan-zzz said...

I miss snow :(
We usually have snow but not this winter … oh well better that than snow storms with power loss right?

Happy Thursday and enjoy in snow!

My TT is up too :)

Crunchy Carpets said...

Dogs and kids in the snow...perfect!

And pass me some of that soup!

Susan said...

I grew up in pretty major snow in Ohio in the 70's so I usually feel like I've had plenty - today tho it's so grey and icky here in AL that I wish we did have snow because at least on cold days in snowy climes it looks nicer out the window... that soup sounds like a good idea - you might have inspired me to make some more potato soup tonight! take care and Happy TT!

BeckyD said...

I'm glad there are people who love snow, because right about now, I hate it. Every time I have made plans to see my man (2 hours away) it has snowed and kept me away. I hate mother nature right about now. LOL

Happy TT

Cari said...

We had the largest snowfall this year since I came to Canada a decade ago!

Enjoyed your list! This is my first time participating in Thursday Thirteen...hope I do it right. ;-)

Cari said...

*lol* Thanks for leaving your comments. I ended up accidently deleting can tell I am new eh? *geesh*

I still managed to link to your site though. ;-)

I will work on learning all this and hopefully do better next week.

Turnbaby said...

YAY I do love snow. Hate ice storms except they do make everything so beautiful. And YUM --a Southern gal knows how to cook on a yucky day. And it's so sweet that it's your son's first snow.I think I remember the 'snow ice cream' recipe lololol
just don't use the yellow snow *wink*

Neila said...

I do NOT love snow, but snow ice cream is its one true redeemer! I think I just add milk, sugar and vanilla in varying quantities. And Hershey's syrup if I'm on my period. ;-)

scribbit said...

I've heard about snow ice cream before but haven't made it. My kids would love it I bet.

Mike said...

A good list. Happy TT.